Friday, December 5, 2008


Getting on a plane to come back to Chicago in 14 days and just heard from Kaia's school that one of her classmates has CHICKEN POX!

Let's hope this won't affect our travel plans.....

Australians have much more to do at the end of the year than just deal with Christmas. Because it is the beginning of summer here, kids are in their final days of school so most families are in the middle of end-of-the-year concerts, performances, final exams and things like that.

However, we are truly enjoying watching the Aussies prepare for Christmas....hardly anyone has Christmas lights decorating the outside of their houses - probably because it's summertime here and it really doesn't get dark until about 8:45pm. In the stores, there is not nearly the same amount of Christmas "decor" (read: crap) that we have in America, so not only do Australians not have as much to choose from, but they decorate very subtly in the first place.

Not a bad thing in my opinion....