Monday, November 10, 2008

Gone Native?

The Connor family is busily preparing for our first trip home for the holidays....well, at least one of the three of us is preparing. I must say the feelings are a bit interesting. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing family and friends, but the thought of dealing with a Chicago winter is almost enough to make me cancel our plane tickets. Melbourne is moving into summer and the days and nights are just beautiful here. Everything is in bloom (sneeze, sneeze, oh those allergies!) and you can smell jasmine, honeysuckle and scented roses in the air. Much more tropical than Chicago.

Swimming is a huge deal here and is ingrained into the Aussie lifestyle It's part of Kaia's curriculum at school and the girls go once a week for lessons. I too am back in the pool and am enjoying their 50 meter outdoor swim lanes here. Almost at 2 kilometers total and thinking about doing an open water (ocean) swim as well.

I would say our settling in process is complete - we have been living in Melbourne for almost 10 months and it feels like home. There is an Aussie tune that Kaia loves to sing called "Home Among the Gumtrees" which kind of sums up my feelings right now:

Give me a home among the gum tress
With lots of plum trees
A sheep or two and a kangaroo
A clothesline out the back
Veranda 'round the front
And an old rocking chair

Granted, we are not living near sheep or kangaroos (and no, they don't roam freely around Melbourne), but the standard of living here is much more relaxed. I'm interested to see how things will feel once we are home and back down under again....

No worries though - she'll be right....Flat white anyone? Or champagne?

If you want to hear the entire "Home Among the Gumtrees" song, click on this link:

Aussie tip for you: It's most enjoyable listening after you've tipped back a few tasty beverages.....

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