Saturday, May 3, 2008

My stomach gets all Misty('s)

I have an Aussie girlfriend who lives in Perth and her name is Catherine. We met each other when our kids were littlies and she turned me on to an Australian website that sells US foods like peanut butter (Jif), A&W Root Beer (1 can is $2.20!), etc. Anyway, if you want to take a look it's:

We haven't purchased anything off the site but another plus is they have a store located near us so we can also go shopping for that much-craved Apple Jacks cereal if we need to.

However, the best find on the US Foods website is the link to Misty's American Diner. Yes, that's right A-MER-I-CAN.

Ben and I have been craving an American burger since we got here and McDonald's just doesn't do the trick. So we visited Misty's this evening for dinner and came away fat and happy. Misty herself took our order and we exchanged "Where are you froms?". She's from Arizona -- how she landed in Melbourne is an answer we'll get the next time we go there to dine. Ben and I ordered two American cheeseburgers, onion rings and chocolate shakes. Kaia got the Kids Burger Special which included a juice box. I mention the juice box because unfortunately, she ended up drinking 1/2 of my shake and 1/2 of Ben's.

Which was a darn shame because you have to understand that when Aussies make milkshakes they don't put ice cream in them. They only put chocolate sauce in milk and blend. That's not a shake - that's CHOCOLATE MILK. Misty on the other hand made a true American stick-to-your guts shake and the shame was that Kaia drank most of ours and left the people who pay for her meals wanting for more....

The burgers were outstanding - thick, delicious and topped with the works. Misty tried to talk us out of the onion rings because she "doesn't hand make them". We wished we took her advice and gone with her homemade breaded cheese sticks instead. Kaia's meal came with french fries which were de-lish. Misty made sure we liked everything and even gave Ben a sample of her home-cooked chili. Plus she sells Hershey's Chocolate Syrup so we happily took one bottle off her hands for the bargain price of only $12.99

Rest assured we'll be back for more.

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