Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mix & Match or ala Carte

Day 1 of my new Physical Fitness regimen and after a terrific workout I believe I've figured out the solution to life's problems:

Wine, Anti-depressants, Exercise --

Put them in whatever order you choose.....


Anonymous said...

I've been sending emails and forget to check your blog. I'm sad that you're sad and want to come home. We do miss you. Connor misses you, I miss you, Baxter and Jim miss you. We talk about our Aunt Maura, Uncle Ben and Kaia all the time. He's got a cute pic of Kaia holding him at Christmas in his room.
I'm off to a wish ball meeting, but will drop a note again later.
Wine? I'll have to figure out a time when we can both have a glass and get on the phone. We can enjoy long distance vino :)

Sharon said...

You got it totally right girlfriend. I will e-mail soon, I am currently in baseball hell (both Jack and Sean are playing). We all miss you. I promise I'll write soon. Miss ya, sharon