Sunday, April 20, 2008

God Save the Queen

Now that we are getting settled into Melbourne and Kaia is back at school full-time, I have been able to start exploring this wonderful city we are so lucky to live in.

So Ben was running late for work the other day and I ended up driving him to his office. Since I was downtown sans husband and child, I decided to visit the infamous Queen Victoria Market. After navigating my way there I roamed around for a full three hours taking in the sights and sounds of the QVM. I don't believe there is anything like it in the States. The market is open every day but Mondays and Wednesdays. I can only describe it as a farmer's, "got it off the back of a van", art fair and supermarket on steroids. There is something for everyone here. Fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, olive oil, coffees and wines are just the beginning --- butchers, fishmongers, delicatessens offering meats, cheeses, olives and the like. Several bakers offer cupcakes to fresh sourdough loves and croissants. It's a foodies heaven. The stall owners shout their prices to the public and it gets more frantic as the hours pass on because they want to get rid of their merchandise.

And if you don't want to shop for food, there are aisles and aisles of clothing, coats, shoes, jewelry, souvenirs, housewares and your odds-n-ends like soaps, candles and mirrored pictures of Andy Garcia or Tony Soprano. There are even animals and a pet shop. If you want to try on clothes, a stall owner will happily hold up a curtain for you for "privacy". Shoes? Sit on a folding chair and if they've got it in their truck they'll be happy to talk over a price with you.

I got a fabulous pair of boots for only $99 (which is a deal in Australia)!

The only thing the Queen Vic Market is missing is the fabulousness of the Kane County Flea Market. The Flea will always be one of my all-time favorites --- not because of their wares, but because of the fantastic company I keep on those trips.

You know who you are....


Colleen said...
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Colleen said...

I wish I could find a mirror-framed picture of Andy Garcia in the states - LUCKY!

Beth said...

Can't wait to see it! Markets like this are a great reason to travel.