Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Onion Makes Me Laugh Until I Cry

One of the things I was missing from the States was Ben bringing home a copy of the latest Onion - an opinionated newspaper with a fairly irreverent look at life, politics, sports and just about everything in between.

Thanks to my little sister Colleen for alerting me to the fact that the Onion is online! Now I get to enjoy a laugh every now and then with my "flat white". This is what I found today - enjoy~

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Colleen said...

I looooove The Onion!! It's the most hilarious news out there. I prefer reading online to the print edition myself.

Thanks for sharing this great article.

"It was lying in that space between the sink and the bathtub, covered in dust, so I had to bend over, grab it, rinse it off under some hot water, and put some more toothpaste on it. I hate when that happens."

HA! I hate when that happens too...