Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Reunited and it feels so Good

The movers delivered our sea shipment yesterday. This is the part of our household which was required to packed up on January 3rd to begin its long trek to Oz. Our furniture, beds, kitchen and the majority of Kaia's toys were boxed or wrapped up and put into one of those big metal containers you see on freight trains. The train then took our container to Los Angeles where it waited with other containers to be put on a cargo ship and begin the long haul across the Pacific Ocean.

Of course, I don't remember half of the things I packed and now there are so many boxes that it looks like something exploded in our house.

But let's not worry about the explosion just yet. The gentlemen who delivered our goods were two good Irishmen, Joe Daly and Jay Fahy. Both Joe and Jay had a touch of the Irish flu as they had been celebrating everything green the day prior. Plus Joe is married to an Irish lass from Belfast.

So I was mistaken on Aussies not celebrating St. Patrick's Day. Joe and Jay were most gracious to let me know of the host of Irish pubs that are more than happy to celebrate anything Irish any day of the week.

Thanks Joe and Jay!

Kaia is thrilled to have all her stuff back and Joe and Jay were amazed at how many boxes were labeled "TOYS". Of course Butterscotch received a warm welcome, some brushing down and a carrot.

We all had great sleep last night on our own beds and pillows from home --- true bliss.....

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